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Graham Cookson

Jack Banfield
Graham Cookson
Mike Godman


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Graham Cookson


Fell asleep in class alot. (Yeah Hardcore- I know!)
Was asked to be swimming captain for Atwell in Year 2 - But declined. Was asked to play for the Hockey Squad - but said no. Was going to compete in an athletics event in the 3rd year- but it was cancelled.

Managed to stay awake for 46 hours straight (thats only 2 hours before you are meant to go insane- apparently. Must try harder next time!)

At the first New Years at Neils - I was drinking constantly for 12 hours- and DIDN'T vomit- though felt slightly dodgy for about 2 days after.

Was hoping to become a Stuntman. Did the course in Australia- but now need
money to pursue that.  So am working at a very bad place.  And any money I'm making seems to disappear into a pint glass or going on my 'studies' may take some time.

My great plan is to win the lottery.  A 3x rollover jackpot should suffice. Its a well laid plan- and should all go to plan.

The Stars in Their Eyes competition!!!