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Jack Banfield

Jack Banfield
Graham Cookson
Mike Godman


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Jack Michael Banfield
Loves 'Electric Dreams', a good scrap and motorbikes almost as much as you guys. Also vomiting.
Banned from the Careers' Library for starting the debut Ring of Pain with messrs Siggs and Shetty.
Winning the B team cross-country in a blaze of glory, despite several runners-up giving it all this.
Banned from Barzia for 'titting about' with Neil. Can do 55 pull ups, 19 more than Leif.
Saw Mark Knopfler (aka Dire Straits) in B'ham a fortnight ago. I fly planes for money or Guinness. Owe 30 grand.
CCF. Falling at Mr Mead's feet locked in a death grip with Rob Morgan. The transition from blazer to suit. The stairway, every lunchtime. On stage at Magaluf? Paul Elvis Chan's forever.